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High voltage test transformers and test methods

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With the continuous development of China's economy, the security and reliability of power grid operation is more and more demanding. One of the effective facilities to ensure the stable operation of the power grid is the high voltage test transformer. For the power system, the high voltage test transformer Has a very special significance, plays an important role. The importance of high-voltage transformer test is put forward by analyzing high-voltage test and power transformer. The influence of voltage polarity, temperature, humidity and step-up speed are analyzed, and the influence on high-voltage test transformer is analyzed.
Power transformer has many characteristics of high voltage test, its light weight, small size, highly versatile, all functional and compact, etc., in the use of very convenient for the power system is concerned, is essential, plays an important effect. Power high voltage test transformer for industrial and mining enterprises, power systems and scientific research departments, to facilitate its electrical components, high voltage equipment, insulation materials such as DC high voltage or frequency insulation test. In the high voltage test, the power high voltage test transformer is one of the important test equipment. This paper will study and analyze the transformer of high voltage test.
1, electrical high-voltage test of the brief
The main purpose of the electrical high-voltage test is to check whether the insulation of electrical equipment is good and whether all the functions are normal to ensure the normal operation of the electrical equipment. In the high-voltage test of the transformer, the shielding conditions, because the air humidity and temperature and other issues will have an impact on the test, making the test results are affected by the accuracy. Under the conditions of shielding high-voltage test, the test results will be more accurate.
     2, the factors affecting the test transformer test
For the safety of the test transformer, the accuracy of the test data, test the feasibility of the serious impact of the high-pressure test, the impact of many factors of the trial, the following main factors affecting each one.
First of all, high-pressure test will be affected by humidity and temperature. Humidity: High pressure test section must be carried out under the conditions of shielding, while the test process will be affected by air humidity, making the accuracy of the experimental data affected. For the measured data, through a test is not possible to get accurate data, the need to pass a large number of tests to ensure the accuracy of the data, through the historical data and standard data comparison to obtain the corresponding results, and in the course of the experiment, The higher the air humidity index, the lower the accuracy of the measured results, therefore, in the high-pressure test process, by the air humidity is one of the main reasons.
By the temperature: high-pressure test process, the impact of temperature mainly in the test material on the temperature sensitivity. The material used in the transformer is insulated, when the temperature is high, the insulation of the material will be worse, the resistance of the insulation resistance will be reduced, the main principles are as follows:
Ion and molecular irregular movement. The irregular motion of a molecule is severely affected by temperature, and as the temperature becomes higher, the motion of the molecule becomes violent. Similarly, the ions in the insulation resistance, when the temperature increases, the movement will be gradually accelerated. The polarity of the resistor becomes large, so that the resistance is lowered.

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